Bestival Blues

Well, it’s almost 2 months since I returned from the craziness that is Bestival and as cold miserable weather and darker evenings set in, I massively have the Bestival Blues.  Even as I’m writing this I can still hear “Lets Go Dancing” by Eats Everything on auto-play in my head.

Having been to Isle of Wight Festival a few years ago I thought I knew what to expect but boy oh boy was I wrong! Bestival exceeded all my expectations and more. It has now taken over as my favourite festival and to quote the lovely Annie Mac ” why is it called Bestival? Because it’s the best ****ing Festival”.and I couldn’t agree more.

Anyway, I wont bore you all by going on about how good it was. Instead I want to talk to you about some of my highlights and my festival fashion. ( I know it’s late, but better late than never right?)

Day 1


I’m wearing a playsuit and sunglasses from, a gilet from Camden Market and wellies and bum-bag from Ebay. I wanted to wear something quite comfortable for the first day as I knew I would be lugging around a trolley, tent and rucksack.

Day 2

12019804_10156078423380596_6543420441528829591_n 12036817_10156078423820596_4553028985989030984_n

I‘m wearing a rust tassel dress from a patterned kimono and floral headband from and a choker from New Look. As Bestival is a festival where anything goes I thought I could push the boundaries a bit. There is also a story that goes with this outfit too….

The night I decided to wear this outfit we went to a UV pants party, something I had never experienced before in my life. It took place in the Commune section of Bestival in one of the tents and was exactly what it says on the tin. We had to strip down into our underwear and leave our clothes in the tent next door. We got drawn on with UV highlighter pens by men and women alike and the whole experience was weirdly sexual but fun all at the same time. Once we had enough we went to the tent next door only to find our clothes had been STOLEN!!! Jenni  ( my partner in crime) found a blanket to walk back in but I had to walk back to our tent in front of the whole festival in my black bikini covered in UV paint and my wellies! I must have looked a right sight!


Day 3 (Daytime)


I was really hung over on this day and just wanted to feel comfortable so I am rocking a Slogan Tee and distressed denim shorts from and my sunnies are from

Day 3 (Evening)


We decided we wanted to rock the sequins at some point this weekend and Saturday night was the perfect night to do so. I am wearing a blue sequin shift dress from a vintage shirt from Ebay and a body chain and hairband from

Day 4 (Daytime)


I am wearing a hat that I won from a Radio Station Stall, Sunnies from the Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve Swing dress black scarf print dress from and gilet from Camden Market.

Day 4 (Evening)


On the last night at Bestival the weather was shocking and I was freezing so I had to chuck my hoodie on over my outfit ( it’s from New Look) My Gold Skater Dress is from, my body-chain from and my headdress from one of the stalls at Bestival called Love Fairy.

I really did have the BEST time at Bestival, even though at the old age of 30 I get two-day hangovers, I managed to party with the youngsters. Fashion wise it’s very different to other festivals I have been to or seen pictures of ( think Coachella, Isle of Wight, Glastonbury) the BOHO vibe is still prevalent but it’s all about going over the top, wearing as much glitter as possible and wearing the craziest outfit imaginable. The theme was ‘Summer of Love’ which could literally translate into anything from Hippies to some excellent Love Heart costumes I saw to 90’s fancy dress to well just about anything!

Festival goers in 'Summer of Love' fancy dress on day 3 of Bestival 2015 held at Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight

Photo credit: Huffington Post

I am already planning my outfits for next year. Have you had any festival fashion disasters? Or do you have a go to festival outfit that makes you think of summer, good music and good vibes? I’d love to hear from you!

Peace, love and huggles,

Jessica Ruth xxx


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